Messages - Marquette West Rotary
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A Message From HarborFest

Learn more about HarborFest

30 second HarborFest Message featuring Patrick Thomson

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Find out what the Rotary does

Jim Becker talks about the Rotary and what the group does for the community

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Learn more about Bumpus

Bumpus plays Friday night, August 25th at HarborFest 2017

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Listen to upcoming Marquette West Rotary President Amanda

Listen to Amanda Filizetti from the MWR talk about donations

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Learn more about Kashmir playing HarborFest 2017

Kashmir plays Saturday night, August 26th at HarborFest 2017

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Learn more about the events at HarborFest

Amanda Filizetti talks about the upcoming HarborFest events

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Have questions about HarborFest 2017?