Marquette West Rotary | HarborFest August 25-26
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HarborFest August 25-26

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Thanks for the Memories!

August 25 – 26, 2017 at Mattson Lower Harbor!

What is HarborFest?

HarborFest will happen August 25 & 26, 2017 at downtown Marquette’s Mattson Lower Harbor Park. 

HarborFest is one of the best free 2 day music festivals in the UP, but it’s so much more. It includes a beer and wine tent specializing in craft beers. It has food tents, Kids inflatable activities, a classic car & motorcycle show, antique canoes to view, a luge demonstration track to try, tentative tours of a 110 ft Coast Guard vessel and the culmination of a fishing tournament with live dock side catch and release. It’s a family oriented event with a party atmosphere at night.

Music performances at HarborFest are a combination of local bands and major acts out of Chicago. Friday & Saturday HarborFest music has variety including Country, Folk, Blues but with a heavy emphasize on Rock. Each night ends with a HOT headliner band.


Friday night the soulful bluesy fun lovin’ band Bumpus will grace the stage.  It will be all cheers and foot tappin’ during this fun fun event as Bumpus and their powerful brand of soul music uplifts the good time energy of Sly & the Family Stone, the energy of James Brown and the reflective cool of Marvin Gaye.  This night will be one to take in!

Saturday night is Chicago’s finest Zepplin Tribute Band KASHMIR,  the Led Zeppelin Show.  Thousands will be present as this band rocks out downtown Marquette.

As you watch this tribute band, you’ll pause for a moment as your eyes blink and you see the likes of  Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, the late John Bonham and John Paul Jones in action.

As KASHKIR plays on you’ll reflect back on Madison Square Garden, N.Y. – KashmirJul. 29, 1973 where Jimmy Page and company’s North American tour was one of the group’s best.  Remember they turned the footage from their three night Garden party into a successful full length film and soundtrack titled The Song Remains the Same. Don’t miss this one!

Who does HarborFest help?

HarborFest is Marquette West Rotary’s major fund raiser. For the past 3 year we have raised annually over $35,000 which we grant back to over 45 Governmental, non-profit agencies to do amazing activities to make Marquette County a better place to live. Besides the money raised, it is looked forward to by the community as one of the great events of Summer in the City of Marquette. Even though it takes a great deal of work on the part of the members of Marquette West Rotary to make HarborFest happen we are proud to bring this unique event to the people of the Upper Peninsula.

How can I get involved?

Simply join us on August the 25th and 26th to celebrate with us! Come down during the day with your family to share in the many unique activities we have going on. Enjoy some great food, drink some craft beers and celebrate the culmination of another great Summer in the UP. Return for the night to get your party on, listen to great music, indulge In some beer or wine and dance the night away.

If you really want to get involved you can join Marquette West Rotary or just volunteer to help either of the days of HarborFest. For more information contact us at 906-235-6667 or email us.