2023 HarborFest Recap | SEE PHOTOS

HarborFest-Day- 3

Marquette, Michigan – Mattson Lower Harbor Park

2023 HarborFest did not disappoint! Down at Mattson Lower Harbor Park, the iconic tent stage was set, bounce houses were bouncy, and the sunsets were magical. There is no better way to finish off the summer than with good beer, good friends, and a whole lot of ROCK AND ROLL! Everyone who came together to make this event happen, we want to extend our gratitude.


We saw the Marquette Symphony Orchestra: Summer Strings play some Broadway tunes as an early evening set. There were plenty of folks and families with camping chairs set out to listen. As the Symphony ended their show, the sun began to set with lovely hues of pink and blue. Many patrons hung out for a while after the set to converse about the act and the next day of HarborFest.


The day kicked off with a local favorite: The Daydreamers. There were plenty of painted, smiling faces! Next up, really bringing the rock was Big Trouble. Then, the combo everyone was waiting for Rattrap and Rock Of Love. This combo of tribute bands was reminiscent of shows back in the day of Ratt and Poison. Both bands put on an excellent performance really throwing us all back.


Saturday was a live-wire type of day. Starting with the NMU Marching Band, things picked up quickly. That led to the jammin’ with Iron Daisy Acoustic. Right after that The Reveal came on and switched it up with some Green Day and other great emo rock covers. Uncle Ugly was up next and played some tasty licks of rock and roll. Finally, The Kiss Tribute Band Detroit Rock City. They brought the house down with some fantastic classics from Kiss, and the theatrics were insane! At one point, The Demon spat fire! It was an unforgettable night throwing us all back to when Kiss came to the U.P. back in the day.