Marquette West Rotary | Northern Michigan University President Dr. Fritz Erickson Joins Rotarians to Talk about Changes at NMU
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Northern Michigan University President Dr. Fritz Erickson Joins Rotarians to Talk about Changes at NMU

NMU President Dr. Fritz Erickson speaking to Rotarians in the Sky Room.

NMU President Dr. Fritz Erickson speaking to Rotarians in the Sky Room.

Marquette, MI  –  May 15, 2019  –  Part of the lifestyle when living in Marquette is knowing that this is a college town. A college town with a University that has strong ties to the community and our beautiful area.

Today, the Marquette West Rotary was joined by Northern Michigan University President Dr. Fritz Erickson during the weekly luncheon at the Landmark Inn. Erickson started off by catching Rotarians up on how things are going at NMU. The school is just finishing another amazing year and enrollment is up at Northern while it is reducing at over colleges.

There are several new programs going into effect at Northern in all different areas of the school. The university has started a new Forensic Research Outdoor Station. This station is the only one in the world where students can study human decomposition in cold regions.

We had a great turn out for today's meeting.

We had a great turn out for today’s meeting.

Timed well with recent changes in Michigan Marijuana laws, the school is also looking to add 2o to 25 more students to their Medicinal Plant Program. The course will include 500 students this next year, working in a 2.4 million dollar lab, where 1 million was donated. Snoop Dog event gave a shout out to this new program on his Twitter!

Among the other changes is a Bear Center with top tier services for kids with autism, new dorms with a better living and learning environment. The school is also on the verge of opening the new Northern Center, where community events and tours will take place, with a first rate conference facility included as well.

Reaching out to the community even more, Northern Michigan University is also hosting the Marquette Senior High School Prom this year. As a hockey town, the community has really gathered around and supported NMU Hockey as well. There’s a 50/50 chance Northern will win the National Championship next year and is recruiting great kids to help work hard and contribute to our community. Northern’s Berry Events Center will also see an update soon with a new basketball arena going in.

Fritz isn't going anywhere! He loves Marquette and NMU.

Fritz isn’t going anywhere! He loves Marquette and NMU.

After the update on what is going on at NMU, Erickson fielded questions asked by Rotarians, one of the topics being security. With a new Cyber Security Hub launched, a new facility has been created to help students learn more about security. As business people come to our area from all over the world, NMU wants students to be prepared and informed. NMU has an education connection with NASA through a board member which has given students the opportunity to learn so much as NASA is involved with many security issues.

Women’s Hockey was also on the roster of things to talk about this afternoon. Northern Michigan University is a candidate for a women’s D1 hockey team! There is currently no Division 1 team in Michigan. By building the new basketball arena, the school will also be able to handle women’s hockey and men’s track and field. The new court will expensive but doable. Erickson stated, “We need a design to raise the money and discussions have started with donors.”

Lastly, Dr. Fritz Erickson took a moment to reassure Rotarians that hey is in sticking around. He has no plan to retire soon and is even having a lot of fun in his position! Erickson and his wife bought a camp and are loving the U.P. and their roll at Northern Michigan University. They have truly taken a liking to Marquette and recognize like many others, some of the most important meetings happen at Menards.

To connect with Dr. Fritz Erickson of Northern Michigan University:

Fritz J. Erickson
602 Cohodas Hall
Northern Michigan University
Marquette, Michigan 49855

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