Marquette West Rotary | A Change in Leadership For the Marquette West Rotary
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A Change in Leadership For the Marquette West Rotary

The passing of the gavel to President Elect, Amanda Filizetti.

The passing of the gavel to President Elect, Amanda Filizetti.

Marquette, MI  –  July 18, 2018  –  Marquette West Rotary Rotarians witnessed the changing of leadership today as MWR President, Jim Becker passed the gavel to President Elect, Amanda Filizetti. After thanking Jim for so much hard work, we welcomed Amanda as the new president.

The new pins for Amanda Filizetti.

The new pins for Amanda Filizetti.

Recently having returned from trip to Toronto, Canada, Amanda attended a seminar with other Rotarians from all around the world. The gathering focused on leadership and charitable efforts of Rotarians across the world. We look forward to seeing Amanda step into her new position and seeing the positive changes that come to the Marquette West Rotary.

Jim Becker, Rick Orr, and Ruth Ann Watrey all also received plaques for the incredible work they’ve each done for the Rotary. The awards were presented during today’s luncheon at the Landmark Inn.

Also on the agenda for today, we spoke about the exciting changes coming to this year’s HarborFest Waterfront Gala. Rather than a plated dinner like previous years, there will be several food stations throughout the tent that guests can visit to offer a variety of food options. Desserts from Baby Cakes as well as appetizers following the the “Taste of the Mediterranean” theme will already be on each table. And of course, to pair with all of the delicious food, the Gala will serve wine, craft beers, hard cider, and a limited bar selection.

This year, the Waterfront Gala will also feature higher quality items to provide a more exciting bidding experience for those attending.

If your corporation would like to attend this year’s Gala to help the Marquette West Rotary raise money to put back into the Marquette community, contact Michelle Sellers at (906) 273-2618. Gala tables for eight people are $650, or $75 per person.

See more about the Waterfront Gala here

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