Marquette West Rotary | Jennifer Frazier of MARS Joins The Marquette West Rotary to Talk about the Benefits of Mediation
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Jennifer Frazier of MARS Joins The Marquette West Rotary to Talk about the Benefits of Mediation

Thanks to Executive Director Jennifer Frazier for stopping by.

Thanks to Executive Director Jennifer Frazier for stopping by.

Marquette, MI  –  May 16, 2018  –  Marquette Alger Resolution Service (MARS) Executive Director Jennifer Frazier joined Rotarians today for our weekly luncheon. We learned about mediation and the situations when it can be of use!

Over 19 years, Jennifer Frazier has mediated over 1,000 cases for the Marquette Alger Resolution Service. The group has been around for 25 years and anyone can use their services including non-profit organizations. MARS is one of the 18 mediation centers in the state of Michigan and only one of three in the Upper Peninsula.

While 60% off the Marquette Alger Resolution Service’s caseload are family matters, mostly custody and divorce cases, the organization does a lot of good for businesses and our schools as well. Frazier spoke about how the group visits local schools to provide training on how to deal with violence, communication, and conflict.

Information on how mediation works.

Information on how mediation works.

We know all too well that meth is an issue in the Upper Peninsula; MARS takes on many meth cases each year as well. When a child has to be removed from a home, the group puts the child in a home about a year faster than the court system!

Whether it is a dispute over snow removal, custody, landlord and tenant issues, or small claims mediation, the 25 volunteers who make up MARS can be there to help you through the situation and balance the levels of bower between the two parties. The service is affordable, quick, and confidential at just $75 per party. An average session us just two hours in most custody and divorce cases. The group saves time by avoiding court and asking the question, “What needs to be accomplished?”

MARS has an incredible success rate after working through a case with two parties. They follow up and have found that 85% of people follow through with what they agreed to do.

Jennifer Frazier can be contacted at (906) 226-8600 or by email at If you have an issue you need resolved, the team at Marquette Alger Resolution Services can help. Just give them a call. You can also learn more by visiting their website or by following them on Facebook.

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