The Marquette West Rotary Takes a Trip to Upper Peninsula Health Plan

upper peninsula health plan building Marquette michigan

Marquette, MI  –  October 18, 2017  –  Approximately 20 Rotarians visited the new Upper Peninsula Health Plan building for lunch today. Located on West Washington, this $10 million building serves 50,000 residents in the Upper Peninsula.

UPHP, a health maintenance organization, works to innovative health plan management while caring for their members guiding clients to quality, cost-effective care through the UPHP network of providers. The organization works very closely with Upper Peninsula hospitals to improve care for its members with many hospital presidents sitting on the UPHP board. UPHP exists to deal with the federal and state governments and all of the state health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare along with any others.

upper peninsula health plan building Marquette michigan
Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) is a managed-care and provider-service organization based in Marquette, Michigan.

But, Upper Peninsula Health Plan also has a business side. The company also works with local physicians. Doctors sign up with UPHP so they become client compliant with about two dozen insurance carriers. During the lunch and tour, Rotarians learned that UPHP does great things for their clients directly, but also makes it possible for many doctors and physicians in the Upper Peninsula to do business accurately and efficiently.

Learn more about Upper Peninsula Health Plan on their website.

This week is also the rotary event, Pints for Polio. Learn more about Pints for Polio and how you can help support the end of polio this Thursday, October 20th here.