ART Activities Supplemented In Our Marquette County Classrooms

Liberty Children's Art Project

MarquetteMay 31, 2017  –  About 30 professionals from the Marquette area heard a talk today by Carol Phillps on the Liberty Children’s Art Project. This non-profit art organization has been serving children in Marquette County in art education enrichment through various programs since 1996.

Carol Phillips spoke about how she and 3 other art teachers tour Marquette County schools and inspire young people about making ART.  They hold class time during school for kids to engage in ART.   She had numerous pictures of younger students being inspired with bark, paper, clay and more making nice things to look at.

Liberty Children's Art Project
Teacher Carol Phillips with the Liberty Children’s Art Project


Mainly the Liberty Children’s Art Project helps where the school budgets cut off. For more information, please check out their Facebook page,